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Jillian Keating has a sterling record as a criminal defense attorney in Indiana. Her selection as a repeat Super Lawyer stems from a commitment to personalized customer service and demonstrated prowess in the courtroom. Jillian’s proficiency in criminal defense has made her one of Hamilton and Marion Counties’ leading attorneys.

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Operating While Intoxicated

Drug Possession And Dealing


Violations of Probation and or Community Corrections

Specialized Driving Privileges

In certain instances, Indiana may grant a stay to individuals whose license has been suspended. This allocation may allow an individual to drive in order to fulfill employment or parental duties or maintain medical care. If you would like to file a petition for specialized driving privileges or have questions about your eligibility, contact our office.


Indiana law allows records in an individual’s criminal history file to be expunged. Legally that may allow you to state that you have never been charged or convicted of that offense. Jillian can advise clients on whether their charges and/or convictions are eligible for expungement. If eligible, Jillian can assist with gathering the necessary documentation to file a petition, get it granted, and make sure that the Order removes all the necessary information with Indiana State Police and the Courts.

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